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Irina schreef op 18 december 2018 om 11:59:
My daughter Anna started with violin about 3 months ago. She was not quite prepared for all the hard work that was ahead of us but Stieneke made it very motivating and interesting for the kids by involving them in the concerts very early on. Now Anna enjoys practicing violin at home and in the classroom she always enjoys it even more, being together with other kids. Also Stieneke makes it quite entertaining for the kids by telling them different stories during the lesson and making little sweet surprises now and then after the lesson is over. I highly recommend the course and of course the teacher if you want your child to love music and play the instrument with pleasure. Be prepared for a couple of tough month in the beginning but it does get easier with time once the child learns to hold the violin and is able to play first few songs. Parents are expected to be very much involved in the learning process and it is advised for the parents to have a violin as well, in order to practice together with a child. Once the child experiences the first fruits of hard work, he/she becomes much more motivated about the whole process.