Studio Policy

Policy of Vioolhuis De Jonge Violisten 

All Students and Parents who are enrolled in this studio agree to:

  • Listen to the handed out Suzuki CD daily.
  • Practice their violin daily.
  • Attend all private lessons, group lessons and concerts and arrange their weekly schedules accordingly
  • Pay term fees (due September 1 and February 1) in advance by bank transfer or cash
  • A parent/nanny/grandparent will always be present during the lesson, to observe and take notes in order to guide home practice.

Electronic Devices

Please turn all mobile phones on silent during lesson times, as even a buzz can be a distraction from the lesson. Mobile phones should never be answered during lessons. Parents are encouraged to use tablets, cameras or smartphones to take notes or videos, but these should never be used to play games, text, check email, read articles, or surf the internet during lessons.


Please communicate your child’s absence directly with me via email or private text, and not in the group’s App. I understand emergencies happen. In that case please contact me as soon as you can by email, not by app. In case of absence please ask for other parents’ notes and watch the App carefully before the next violin lesson.

The lesson times agreed upon by teacher and parent is regarded as a mutual commitment for the academic year and is not recoverable if a lesson is missed.

Missed Lesson Policy – Please Read Carefully

The tuition charged covers not only instruction time but time spent planning lessons and concerts, getting materials for the students ready at the right moment, Gypsy Academy preparation time, administration, attendance at conferences and meetings plus professional training and membership costs. Also for parents and children the use of the Teachers Library in the Vioolkeuken, a 5/12 ( Sinterklaas) violin gift for each child, and what the teacher thinks the children need.  

It is not possible to reschedule when a student misses a lesson for any reason including illness, dental appointments, school events or prearranged holiday. If an unavoidable conflict with your child’s individual lesson time* arises, you are welcome to try and arrange a lesson switch with another willing family. Please let me know (BCC?) the final arrangement. 

A cancelled lesson because of the teachers illness rarely happens and will not be made up.  To be missed lessons by the teacher known in September are not on the bill. I always strive for each child to have at least one lesson a week!


*The lesson spot is exclusively reserved for each student. I prepare for each lesson, and am present for each lesson.