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Reference for students and their families

The Group Class is an important means of enriching the musical environment and essential component of the Suzuki method. Group classes are essential for performance of the review pieces and are also an opportunity to learn to play with the piano accompaniment. Learning happens much more quickly when children are allowed to watch others. In addition group lessons provide a motivating social environment that, if nurtured by the parents, can later blossom into extra-curricular musical activities such as orchestra and small chamber music ensembles as the children mature. It is precisely this kind of social atmosphere that inspires students to practice especially during adolescence when music is in competition with so many other activities.

When a student was already very good at playing the pieces, Dr. Suzuki said “Improve your ability with a piece that you know.”. Not all the children will know all the pieces that are played during a performance – if they do not know a piece or a particular skill, they will sit down and watch and learn from the others. The teacher may give them an activity to do while the others are playing (help another student with posture or straight bows, play on an open string, count circle bows, listen or watch for a specific technique) which will help them when they get to that piece. It is important for the student to be in “good review shape” in order to enjoy the Group Concert experience.

What is expected of Parents?

Parents are expected to attend all classes. Please sit quietly and support the learning environment by being involved in what is going on and participating when called upon (i.e., this is not the time to read the paper or talk with other parents!). Take notes for home practice. If you need to be elsewhere, ask another parent to have an eye to your child, and get their notes after class. Parents are expected to attend to learn musicianship as well and reinforce class assignments at home.

Make sure your child is in “good review shape” by playing review pieces at home every day, and practicing the assigned review pieces for class


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3rd Saturday November around midday
Play for Sint Nicolaas
Last Thursday November Fall Solo Recitalat 4 or 6.30 pm
December: Christmas Concert
June: PINKSTER workshop
Solo Recital concerts -Two per year. Location:see agenda

 All concerts commence at 4 or 6.30; please arrive 15 minutes early for tuning and be available until the end of the concert 1 – 1 ½ hours later approx. Families of performers, please bring treats to share to home concerts.

About the Gypsy Academy

The Gypsy Academy was founded in 2007 by Stieneke Poot and Herr Martin Schaefer to give young children in the Hague an opportunity to learn Characteristic Music of foreign countries. These young virtuosi specialize in the traditional music of Balkan countries, but also Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Armenia, Israel – all beautifully arranged by Martin Schrapescu – an enrichment to the Suzuki repertoire. Members range in age from 5 to 12

Initially the group was not intended to be a performing group; time and experience, though, uncovered the fact that the gypsy fiddlers inspired younger kids to want to learn the music, and older people to want to listen to it. Over 100 kids have learned the Gypsy repertoire in this group during the past 9 years which they will take into the world in the future
They perform a repertoire of graceful Greek music, touching eastern music and fiery Rumanian and Hungarian music, with admirable maturity and finesse. In spite of their tender age, they are able to engage the audience with varying musical emotions.

The Gypsy Academy performs at concerts, festivals, schools, Indonesian Fair and other events in the Hague and surroundings, and has performed for a wide range of audiences

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· piano tuner:  Gérard van Hasedonk    http://gvh-pianostemmer.nl

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