Info Whitsun Pinksterworkshop 2020 in English

To the parents of international Suzuki students

    Dear Parents,

This year the 24th annual Dutch Whitsun workshop will take place May 30/31 and June 1.We would love to have Irish and Swedish and International students come and participate! If you would like to join us, please fill in the attached form and pay accordingly.

Our sponsor Philips decided upon reaching the pensioners state, not to sponsor the workshop any more, but the committee decided to continue nevertheless. It is of course for you as a first (?) time guest quite new.

   What do you do at this workshop?  Well, we are intensively busy for three days with the violin and different, very special Suzuki teachers You play your own music pieces but in many different ways daily in a group lesson, a technique class, and individual lessons. Do you know the Music Mind Games already? Find out how much fun musictheory can be, and learn a new world of music notation. You wonder what gypsy piece you might learn this year?

It goes without saying that you have to relax as well.  Between all the intensive playing, we have great dance sessions in the gym hall:  ‘Maestro Gerrit’ is coming again this year ☺

When the three days are almost over, most kids want to continue for another few days, because they are having such a goo tiem and they realize how much they improve in such a setting…. And also for the parents it feels like a unique VIP happening. There are people to answer your burning  questions about practicing or whatever. Parents are welcome to participate.

The kids like their teachers with sweets and stickers. They really work hard, without realizing it, for everyone is ”in the same boat”.

And how about all the wonderful home-made food, prepared by the parents…  Pancakes, hot-dogs,  finger food and pizza’s, also soups, salads, quiches, great desserts and other great coffee and teatime goodies, all-in-all: delicious. And the traditional Irish Salmon and cookies contributions…. Mmmm!

Every year we have a super time together. Be prepared for a party! As well as for intensive work on the violin…


The workshop takes place on Saturday May 30 (8.30-18.00), Sunday May 31 (8.30-18.00) and Monday  June 1   (8.30-18.00) 2019, in the HSV school, Van Nijenrodestraat 16, 2597 RM The Hague.


The program is again given by experienced and friendly teachers from the USA, England, Sweden, Ireland, France and The Netherlands.  We offer a mix of group lessons, Folk music, Technique, Music Theory (Music Mind Games), individual lessons and dance.  This will all take place in a lovely atmosphere at the HSV School in The Hague. On the first day of the workshop, the participants will receive a schedule plus brochure, which will explain where everybody is to go at what times etc.

    Playing Levels

It is a Suzuki  custom that every child in this international workshop knows all the pieces by heart and that the pieces can   be played in the tempo of the CD.  Please make sure that your child revises on a daily basis all old repertoire….

We assume that the students are familiar with the following pieces.

Group I:         Twinkle  up to and including Menuets van Johann Sebastian Bach 1 and 2, and can read notes;

Group II:        Twinkle up to and including Humoresque by Dvorak;

Group III:       Everything up to and including Vivaldi a minor book 4 number 4 and 5 (This year students also have perfromed Bach Double concerto Eater Sunday in the Ruyal Albert Hall)

Group IV:   Bach Concerto a minor book 7

Group V and beyond for former students, and advanced non-Suzuki  level Book VIII and IX: chamber music, Gypsy and Irish  (top level)  Eccles Sonate


We try to keep the costs as low as possible in different ways (a cheap rental for the building, the teachers staying at the Riouwstraat and lots of parents contributing to the preparations).  Also, we rely on sponsorship from companies and subsidiaries (your company?).  Thus, we keep the costs to a minimum.  If you bring your Irish  or Swedish (dance) costumes and dance for us we will lower your costs with 10 euro’s, because we would appreciate that enormously!

Our sponsor Philips has retired ☹:  no more sponsoring. So we would appreciate, for those who could, to pay the regular not sponsored price: 50 euros more than indicated.

We have a lottery with no NO’s. Every child with a lottery ticket gets to choose something. Please bring ‘closet daughters’: new presents your house does not need anymore….? Also the kids get to grabbel in the grabbelskirt, for which small wrapped presents will be very welcome…

ROOMS: several families would like to have you be their paying guest (10 euro per person per night). Please contact us!

Please note: Our planning is to register  at  the latest on April 1st
Participant costs for group I:                                                   300 euro;
Participant costs for group II:                                                  310 euro;
Participant costs for group III and higher                           340 euro
If you pay before April 1 you may subtract €30. If you pay after April 15
please add €30

Late registration: please add 30 euro’s. Individual lessons cannot be guaranteed after April 1

Please pay via this banc account:

Account  IBAN: NL62TRIO0198436866    to S. Voorhoeve-Poot  The Hague    BIC:TRIONL2U


Lunch, Coffee, Sweets

Lunch is eaten all together at around 12.45 pm.  We, as the Hague Suzuki tradition permits, normally serve a pot-luck lunch for everybody.  We always like to have more than enough for our hungry teachers from abroad  who are used to more than a sandwich at midday.  Some of our teachers are vegetarian also.  Please think about the daily Irish and Swedish contributions and drinks?

For the coffee and tea breaks, we would also love some homemade goodies and in keeping with the workshop tradition: exclusive candy!  The children work very hard and deserve to be spoilt a bit. Maybe some healthy sweets: apricots, coconut, raisins…? Maybe you can bring some Irish cookies/fruit/nuts/chocolates for children (or buy something fancy in the local Albert Heyn grocery?)

   Help   Already different parents have offered their help.   Please fill in the form attached as to how you would like to help us.


Please fill in the attached form to confirm your registration and send the form to:

Stieneke Voorhoeve – Poot, (
Riouwstraat 23
2585 GP Den Haag

For more information, please contact Machteld  tel  0031 6 52 46 09 03

About level of playing: +31 (0)70  350 31 05 (Stieneke) after 21.00 pm.

Yours sincerely,

Juffie  Stieneke

=========Registration Form====================================


Form to be sent to Riouwstraat 23,  NL 2585 GP The Hague or email to

Name student:
Date of birth
Name accompanying parent:
Address:                                                               Town:
Telephone:                                                          E-mail: Studies violin with   Tel number
Bank-number of the person who shall pay:
This payment is made in favour of:
The participant costs from
O participant from group I        (300 Euro)
O participant from group II       (310 Euro)
O participant from group III      (340 Euro)
0 I have paid it  to Triodos Bank account  IBAN:NL62TRIO0198436866 of S. Voorhoeve-Poot

I would like to help with:                       

O tidying up           

O SPONSORING                                          

O Making a photo/video reportage of the group my child plays in                                            

O placing an advertisement in the program book

O fund-raising

O publicity( a write up in your local newspaper? Or a report on what happens during the workshop?)

O assisting in preparing the school on Friday night, so I get to know the organisation

O my idea(s) for extra financing:

O AN EXTRA DONATION (voluntary, we realize your have extra traveling costs)

O will bring a nice (in our household superfluous) little present for the grabbelrok =dress-with-presents (a            nice way of getting rid of leftover gifts…

☺      or a more expensive one for the  Sunday lottery, so there will be something for every lottery buyer !

Signature parent/guardian