How will musical study benefit my child?

By learning to play the violin according to the Suzuki Method, your child develops a love of music.

A Suzuki lesson also
· provides a musical community for making violin friends – sometimes for life
· maximizes your child’s musical potential
· builds self-esteem
· improves brain development
· enhances fine motor skills
· develops a “musical ear”
· fosters close parent/child relationship
· improves understanding of mathematical concepts
· teaches concentration and good work habits
· nurtures the whole child
· develops ensemble skills
· positive outlet for self-expression
· prepares your child for a musical career if desired

What does the Suzuki Talent Education Program offer?

· individual and group lessons
· parent enrichment class the evening before the first lesson
· solo and group performance opportunities
· ensemble music and  in the Riouwstraat 23 …the Gypsy Academy where children learn exceptional pieces
· music theory – at understandable kid’s level from day 1
· additional learning through observation
· exceptional teaching by a highly-trained Suzuki teacher

What is the Suzuki Method?

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998), the Japanese musician and educator, founded the Suzuki Method in the 1930’s. It began in North America in the 1960s and is known worldwide today. The main principle of the Suzuki Method of musical instruction is: just as children learn to speak their native tongue, they will learn how to play a musical instrument.

Dr. Suzuki observed that children hear the sounds and rhythms of their native language or dialect from birth, and parents always encourage and celebrate their children’s efforts at learning to speak. There is no doubt that they will succeed. In this natural process, all children experience delight and joy in acquiring their “mother tongue.” Likewise, Juffie Stieneke applies the Suzuki Method by creating an environment, both at lessons and at home, which stimulates the child’s desire to learn to play the violin.

What does the Suzuki method require of a parent?

In the Riouwstraat you will find a community of families committed to nurturing the Suzuki way of life. Parents do not need a musical background.
You will be expected to:
• Attend your child’s lessons – or have someone come with your child to the lessons.
Guide your child’s daily practice sessions at home.
• Support your child as she or he learns a new skill.
You, the parent, are required to have the child attend all lessons with someone and make sure  they take notes. You will also learn the basis of how to play the instrument. The teacher teaches you, step-by-step, to be the home teacher and how to guide your child easily at home. In the last few years parents have resorted to  a WhatsApp community per year where they take notes and give good advice, Juffie Stieneke sends emails with instructions to everyone and in addition she has made 147 youtube movies with instruction for each piece to support the parents at home in their role as HOME TEACHER

What if the parent is not musical??In the Suzuki method, there are very few parents who know how to read notes of play an instrument themselves. And that is no problem! All that is required of you is to take notes during the lesson and ask the child at home “How did the teacher say we should…”. or: “how many times do you have to repeat….”

More and more parents participate actively in the lessons –  with their own  rented violin. So ask Juffie Stieneke

How to begin?

 1. Contact Juffie Stieneke to discuss details.

2. Observe several lessons if you want to know theirs and outs.
3. Register your child
4. Attend the parent training session scheduled in the first week before the children have thier first lesson WITH a violin!

To start in the new school year, it is best to contact me in the spring/early summer, but you can call anytime.

At what age should a child begin?

You can start developing your child’s musical potential by surrounding him/her with a musical environment. Music becomes a natural part of children’s lives when they are exposed to fine music at concerts, on television, on the radio, or on recordings. Older children, too, can benefit from this teaching method, no matter what their previous experience is. Juffie Stieneke likes to start with kids around 7 years of age.

What does the program include?

For year 1 and 2: two weekly lessons, up to the famous Humoresque

For year 3 (level of concerto’s) also ten 30-minute private lessons (as the children become more advanced, the lesson times may increase) Possibly participation in a concours

For year 4 and beyond: one group Instruction class on mondays plus one individual lesson alternating with a duet class plus Masterclasses

Furthermore a Christmas and a Winter Concert, and two solo recitals.

Participation in the annual Pinksterworskhop at Whitsun is obligatory/strongly recommended, Prices will be listed in January (please contact me if you are in financial need).

All Suzuki students WORLDWIDE learn the same repertoire in the same order.

Group classes have students at the same level of learning, regardless of age. They play music together, work on key points in the pieces that they are all learning, play musical games, play solo’s for each other, make friends and have fun! The length of both kinds of lessons (45 – 60 minutes) varies according to the level of the student.

Where do I find an instrument?

The teacher will size your child in the first lesson and will guide you in the right direction to obtain an instrument. There are several violins for rent in the Riouwstraat. The cost is  €10/15 euro monthly for a violin. Buying a cheap violin is highly discouraged – it usually needs a lot of adjustments and costs will total higher than renting a good instrument, which can also be done – at a slightly higher price –  at Bouman, Herenstraat 12, Den Haag, tel: 070 346 40 48

How can I find out more about this way of learning to play the violin and viola?
Please send an e-mail to vioolles@xs4all.nl  – I will be happy to return your email and talk with you further.

Can I record my child’s performances?

When you look through a lens you miss a lot of the performance. The reason why we have our Valentines Gypsy Music Concert recorded professionally. Your child is worth having your full attention:-))

How much does it cost?

• Group classes year 1 and 2: €880  from September to summer beginning,
• Grouplessons year 3 including 10 individual lessons: €1130
Monday Group lessons year 4 and 5 incuding  16 individual lessons alternating with the ensemble class: €1130
• Individual lessons year 4 and beyond: 50 euro per hour
• Parent contribution is included: CD’s and books and all the Suzuki materials
• Violin rent: €10/15  per month

Children starting a new violin year sign up for a whole season, and parents have to pay for all 10 months. The only exception is when the child moves to another city – please show proof of your new address