Frequently Asked Questions

What IS the Suzuki Method?

Anders dan bij “gewoon” vioolles leren de kinderen bij Suzuki-vioolles aanvankelijk spelen zonder noten te lezen, net zoals het kind ooit eerst zijn moedertaal leerde spreken en pas later leerde lezen. Ook zijn er geen saaie etudes, maar wel veel spelletjesen liedjes. Na enkele weken kan een nieuwe leerling al  Kortjakje spelen en  na een half jaar les begint het  kind al aan beroemd en geliefd repertoire. Het plezier in muziek maken  en vooral het ontwikkelen van de muzikaliteit staat voorop.

Daarbij kan worden aangetekend dat alle uitvoerenden na ruim een half jaar les de nieuwe muziek van blad kunnen lezen,maar – gewend als ze er aan geraakt zijn – spelen ze het een week later ook uit het hoofd!

Where and how do I find a nice violin? And how much does it cost?

You best rent a nice violin, preferably an old violin. Please do NOT buy  a (cheap ) violin on internet or in an nsturmnet shop because . Goedkoop=Duurkoop.

 If someone would insist to buy your child an instrument please contact a violin maker like Bouman, not a shop. You will need  around 750 euro for a good violin. Plus a bow and a violin case. Is it a better idea to RENT  an instrument until the moment your child needs a full seize violin? Ask your teacher first! Prices vary from  €10 -15 per month

Your teacher  regurarely measures your child to gauge the right seize. Sometimes you may  need a seize lager around Christmas! Or in february…

Better a year too long on too small an instrument than a day too early on too large an instrument!

What age is best to start my child ?

Ask 10 teachers and you might get 3 different answers: anytime, age 3 or age 6 /7. In MY experience it is best to start a child (almost) 7 years old or 8 (or 9).  In Australia years ago on a univiersity they made several movies : The importance of being  ONE  (up to 6 I believe)

It clearly showed how children learn. Their point was not to start befor the age of 5. Motorically, psychologically, intellectually kids grow at diffenerent tempos.

When a normal child with a motivated parent enters my studio within 3 years that child will play Bach Double Concerto, with regualr practice. Does that really have to be sooner than 9 or 10 years?

Welcome with your 6- and 7+ years olds! How I hope the younger kids are doing a lot of singing…..

‘I myself am not musical and i can not read notes….’

Welcome! My BEST parents also did not know anything about music!

Suzuki parents only have to work with their child at home as the home-teacher. Their job is to repeat what is done during the lesson.  So that what is explained and practices in the lesson as new knowledge (kennis) becomes expereicnce (kunde)  ar home.

Parents are encouraged to take intensive notes during the lesson and ask the child during practice “What did the teacher say about…” or How do you have to put your feet/hand/fingers?”  Uually the child will KNOW: “Oooh  yes, look, mommy!”

The job of the HOME teacher is to bring back the lesson in the memory of the child

All parents of The Young Violinists get support. Juffie Stieneke made exclusive YouTube movies of each Suzuki piece and all paents get emails with the information of the new piece. The last few years have brought Whats APP groups per year in which parents share what is said and done (video’s and pictures taking during lessons)