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Learn By Doing

Juffie Stieneke is known for helping each family and child  6 years and older to learn to play the violin fast well in a wonderful atmosphere in the Archipel neighbourhood in The Hague

Beyond the Books

The children and the parent ( who can join for free) not only learn the Suzuki repertoire but 3 times a year they enjoy the gypsy repertoire tremendously! 


How To Register Your Child for De Jonge Violisten?

Please let me know the name and birthdate of your child and YOUR telephone number in an email to

Call For Inquiry

070 350 310 5

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Unique email service after every lesson to parents (and practice helpers)  


Links to all of the Suzuki songs by youtube links juffie Stieneke made for her own pupils


Special care for any student that needs it

Extra Curricular Programs

The Gypsy Academy and the Whitsun Workshop are great extra’s in this method.

Afterschool Sports

Most of may students are enrolled in sports as well as their 2 weekly violin lessons. Please do not book a sport session at violin times on Mondays and Thursdays

Former Students

years of Gypsy Academy

former students became professionals

year groups started successfully since 1978

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Location: Riouwstraat 23 2585 GP The Hague

Telephone: +31 70 350 310 5


School Hours: Please keep mondays and thursdays free for lessons and concerts